Workshop on Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy in Regions and Countries in the Baltic Sea Region

date 11.10.2017

On the 10th of October 2017 in Copenhagen, a workshop was held on the subject of Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy in Regions and Countries in the Baltic Sea Region. The workshop was carried out as a BSR Stars S3 activity, organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordregio.

The objective of the workshop was to gather a group of practitioners from the field of industrial symbiosis with a view to: 1) share information and experiences about the various efforts that are ongoing or in pipeline, and 2) to identify if there is need and interest for further cooperation efforts to support accelerated successful application of Industrial Symbiosis efforts and related circular economy initiatives at the local, regional, national and macro-regional level.

The meeting was successful in sharing experiences from the participants on opportunities and challenges linked to the development of industrial symbiosis in the Baltic Sea Region. Several ideas and paths for future work were identified:

  • A best case catalog of successful industrial symbiosis serving both as inspiration and a guide to where practitioners could go to seek advice
  • A network of experts for advice/consultation
  • Applied training program for capacity building
  • Keep strong focus on the regional or even the urban aspect – “the global market changes fast, but your city is going to be there in 10 years”
  • Acknowledge the importance of municipalities and other regional authorities – especially as they hold the key to crucial utility streams like water, waste water, household- and industrial waste, energy production and/or supply network etc

The participants decided to work on a proposal for application for funding to be able to develop further some of the ideas discussed at the meeting.


Torfi Jóhannesson                                               Jukka Teräs

Nordic Council of Ministers                                    Nordregio