Successful workshop bringing together Estonian Innovation Actors

date 08.03.2017

At International Women’s day, Estonian Innovation Actors meet in Tallinn to discuss how to enhance Estonia’s innovation capacity through transnational collaboration – and very fitting for the day, over 60% of the participants at the workshop were women!

The workshop brought a half-day of intense discussions including presentations by Policy Area Innovation, BSR Stars and Innovation Express. Discussion centred on identifying the needs of Estonian innovation for different approaches to transnational collaboration.

It was evident that Estonians see a clear value in transnational collaboration when activities are designed to address the challenges companies face in reaching new markets. Help for internationalisation was regarded a central area to focus on in collaboration programmes. The Estonian innovation stakeholder meeting applauded collaboration instruments such as Innovation Express, especially the elements of capacity building and matchmaking among clusters. However, it is important to communicate Innovation Express properly to include other cluster-like organisations.

As BSR Stars programme manager Niclas explains “The power of innovation instruments such as Innovation Express is obvious when participants are describing their positive experiences with a big smile”. Innovation is not only about providing new inventions and helping these reach markets; it is also about showing commitment, engagement and having fun along the way. This event was a combination of all this!

A big thank you to all of the participants for their active engagement! Based on this success, the BSR Stars programme will repeat this type of workshop.

Contact: Trine Schmidt, Project Officer,