Call for Applications on BSR Bioeconomy Innovation Vouchers

date 01.10.2018

Project definition

The call is part of EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region financed BSR Stars S3 project with co-financing from the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM). The BSR Stars S3 project focuses on transnational cooperation in the field of bio-/circular economy in the BSR.

In order to investigate further the opportunities for benefitting from specialisation in test excellence, the BSR STARS S3 project pilots a transnational innovation voucher scheme for bioeconomy SMEs, when commissioning test services across the borders.


Scope of BSR Bioeconomy Innovation Vouchers

Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) in the Baltic Sea Region provide already SMEs with a number of testbed services – e.g. for testing of basic properties of various types of biomass. In some areas however, the RTOs each have unique – and thereby complementary – test excellence. It is these areas of “unique test excellence” that is the target zone / scope of the “BSR Bioeconomy Innovation Vouchers”.


The Baltic Sea Region Bioeconomy Innovation Voucher targets broadly SMEs working in areas of bioeconomy or related disciplines and operating in the Baltic Sea Region.


Funding and eligibility

The following conditions apply:

  • The BSR Bioeconomy Innovation Vouchers offer complementary support to national innovation vouchers/check.
  • The funding is intended to facilitate “Testbed services”, which should be understood as testing of prototypes and processes that are near to market in its development.
  • Funding support cannot exceed EUR 10.000 per application – max. 5 projects will be funded.
  • The voucher can be applied only by RTOs/Testbeds. One Voucher can be applied by one RTO or two RTOs. In case of two RTO applicants max 20 % of the voucher can be applied for the administration costs of the RTO that assists an SME to find suitable service in an RTO of another country and rest of the voucher can be applied by the RTO of another country that provides the actual test services for an SME.
  • Eligible costs include payments for trans-national testbed services at RTO bioeconomy testbeds and other costs directly related to acquiring that service.
  • Maximum of 20% of the funding can be used by the applicant to cover administration of the activity
  • The eligibility rules of the Interreg Baltic Program must be respected.



The financial support will be paid out by the Nordic Council of Ministers based on proof of the test undertaken and its costs accompanied by a short report (based a template provided by the NCM) describing the results and a benefits of the BSR Bioeconomy Innovation Voucher to the SME and the company’s particular innovation process.



This call is open for applications from 1 October to 31 December 2018. The activities must be completed before 1 February 2019.



  • Submission of attached Application Form shortly detailing the test to be undertaken at an RTO in a neighboring country.
  • Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the presented business case, and there will be emphasis on achieving representative geographical balance between the partner regions and countries and between the different areas of the bioeconomy.



You can find the application form here

Applications shall be sent by email to Torfi Jóhannesson, in word format with the headline “BSR Stars S3 Bioeconomy Innovation Vouchers”. Applications should be drafted in English. Applications will remain valid for 30 days after the deadline for submission.


Questions regarding this tender may be directed to Torfi Jóhannesson, with a copy to Tenna Schaldemose


Costs related to producing, delivering and following up tender documents will not be refunded. Documents will not be returned.

NMRS reserves the right to terminate; withdraw or amend the tender if factual reason occurs. Written notice will in that case be given.

There is no commitment on the part of NMRS to accept any offer or part thereof. NMRS reserves the right to: accept non-substantive defects that might affect the presentation of tenders; reject tenders received after the deadline for submission of tenders, without justification.