Bio- and circular economy matchmaking event – From Waste to Valuables

date 01.12.2017

The Bio- and circular economy matchmaking event – From Waste to Valuables took place in Tampere, Finland on the 23rd – 24th of November. The event was organised as part of the BSR Stars S3 project by the Baltic Institute of Finland and Council of Tampere Region together with Tampere University of Technology, VTT, Natural Resource Centre Finland and Business Tampere. From Waste to Valuables was a major circular economy matchmaking event with around 150 participants.

On the first day, the event took place at Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere. The keynote speech was given by Nancy Bocken, Professor at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University. There were presentations of several interesting company cases, with a focus on circular business models and digitalisation, among others by Delete Ltd, Soilfood Ltd, and Valtra Ltd. Parallel working groups were carried out on the topics of circular business models and digitalization. Moreover, the event included “business clinics” with researchers providing advises to companies on how to make better use of circularity in their business.

The second day was devoted to parallel site visits to Hiedanranta which is the future smart and circular urban district of Tampere, ECO3 industrial symbiosis park on the border of Tampere and Nokia as well as related VTT and TUT laboratories.

“In circular economy the value is created in ecosystems. It demands radically networked new business models where digitalisation is an enabler. For example IoT provides possibilites to follow material flows efficiently.”

Maria Antikainen, Senior Scientist at VTT.


Photos by Joonas Tähtinen.


Presentations from the event can be found here.

On Twitter, use the hashtag #WastetoValuables to see Tweets about the event.


Johanna Leino

The Baltic Institute of Finland