Arctic Study Tour to Kemi and Rovaniemi, Finland

BSR Stars S3 arranged an inspiring two-day Study Tour to Kemi and Rovaniemi on the 14-15 of June 2018.

date 02.07.2018

The BSR Stars S3 project arranged a two-day Arctic Study Tour to Kemi and Rovaniemi on the 14 – 15 of June 2018. The Study Tour was hosted by Nordregio, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth together with the Regional Council of Lapland. The Study Tour gathered 30 participants working within the field of circular economy.

The BSR Stars S3 Study Tour introduced the key actors of Lapland’s Innovation System and opened opportunitues for the Study Tour participants to establish concrete cooperation with Lapland. The company cases that were presented during the Study Tour focused on covering industrial circular economy and Arctic bioeconomy in particular. The participants were introduced to the Arctic Smartness concept and the Lapland Region’s work with identifying business opportunities from heavy industry side streams.

The first day, the Study Tour started in Kemi at the technology park Digipolis, where the participants heard interesting presentations from companies in the region. One of the companies was Tapojärvi Ltd., a company that recycles refractory bricks that are then used in steel production. The opportunities in the circular economy was further demonstrated by a visit to the ferrochrome and stainless-steel plant Outokumpu, showcasing the opportunities for integrated approaches on industrial sites. The role of Digipolis as a facilitator of industrial symbiosis in whole Lapland Region has been crucial in identifying the business opportunities as well as getting funding and securing key actor-commitment.


Photo credit Vaida Razaityte, Nordregio.

The second day, the Study Tour took place at the University of Lapland. The participants were introduced to Lapland’s Smart Specialisation Strategy, the Arctic Smartness Programme, and the Smart Rural Cluster. Finally, the group visited the Service Design Lab at the university. The Service Design Lab is a service prototyping laboratory, where the participants were introduced to how service and interactive design can be used as a tool for agile experience prototyping.


Photo credit Vaida Razaityte, Nordregio.


Johanna Leino

Baltic Institute Finland