Study Tour to Lapland, Finland

Study Tour to Kemi and Rovaniemi in Northern Finland, June 14-15, 2018.

date 14.06.2018-15.06.2018 Lapland

Welcome to the Study Tour to Kemi and Rovaniemi in Northern Finland, June 14-15, 2018! The BSR Stars S3 Study Tour introduces the key actors of the Lapland Innovation System and opens up opportunities for the participants for concrete cooperation with Lapland.  The company cases to be presented at the Study Tour cover especially industrial circular economy and Arctic bioeconomy that play an important role in the implementation of smart specialization concept in Finnish Lapland.

Nordregio, The Nordic Council of Ministers, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth – together with the Regional Council of Lapland host the Study Tour.

The preliminary programme for the Study Tour can be found here. The final programme with all speakers and participating companies will be confirmed soon.

Registration to the Study Tour is done by emailing Mari Wøien at Nordregio (mari.woien@nordregio.org). Deadline for the registration is on June 7, 2018. Please mention if there are any allergies or a special dietary needs to be aware of.

Attending the programme is free of charge, but accommodation and travelling expenses will be covered by the participants themselves. There is a bus transportation organised by the BSR Stars S3 project from Kemi to Rovaniemi after the Day 1 programme on June 14.