Sharing Test and Demonstration Infrastructures

- an opportunity for Smart Specialisation in the Baltic Sea Region

date 06.04.2017 - Tampere

The workshop was organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) and Baltic Development Forum (BDF). Two reports mapping out the test and demonstration infrastructure in the BSR were presented and discussed – one on digital test beds and the other on test beds for bioeconomy.

Practitioners from the test beds also presented their main activities and discussed how the Baltic Sea Region could facilitate more cross-national use of the test and demonstration facilities.

The main conclusions from the workshop were:

  1. There is an abundance of specialised test and demonstration infrastructure – and a big potential for knowledge sharing between these.
  2. There are many similarities and complementarities in testbed infrastructures and many opportunities for specialisation.
  3. Added value can be expected from sharing test and demonstration infrastructures and SMEs should be systematically encouraged to work across borders.

Read the full report on the conclusions from the workshop here, (including program and list of participants).

Next steps: To investigate further the opportunities for specialisation in test excellence and to encourage SMEs to acquire specialised services across borders, it was welcomed that the BSR STARS S3 project provides funds to pilot innovation voucher scheme that SMEs in the bioeconomy can benefit from when commissioning test services across borders.

Below you can find the mappings and presentations from the workshop and read more about the discussions and conclusions.

Discussions and conclusions:
Digital track:
Discussion paper digital economy – Tampere
Digital Test and Demonstration Infrastructures in the BSR final mapping

Bioeconomy track:
Final Dicussion paper Bioeconomy track Tampere 6 April
Bioeconomy Test and Demonstration Infrastructures – Draft March 2017

Automation and digitization in Nordic manufacturing Companies
Bio-business testbeds & smart specialisation in the BSR
Biobased Business at DTI, Denmark
Review_ Sharing Test and Demonstration Infrastructures in the BSR
RISE Bioeconomy Pilot and Demo facilities 2017-04-20
Tredea Innovation Voucher_BSR
VTT Shared Pilot Facilities for bio and circular economy
5G Test Network for Finland
Sharing Test and Demonstration Facilities, Collapick
Perspectives from test and demonstration infrastructures
providing technology services to SMEs in the digital economy, DTI

SMACC – Digital Boost for Finnish Industry, VTT

Bioeconomy track:
Torfi Johannesson, Senior Adviser, Nordic Council of Ministers, torjoh@norden.org

Digital economy track:
Torben Aaberg, Head of Public & Digital Affairs, BDF, ta@bdforum.org