Innovation Camp Aarhus 2018

date 18.03.2018-21.03.2018 Aarhus

The project Smart-Up BSR is arranging an Innovation Camp taking place on the 18th to 21st of March in Aarhus, Denmark. The Innovation Camp gives the participants the opportunity to work with the challenges of their region or city – it’s a place to work together and learn from each other, advised by experts in co-creation, Smart Cities and citizen driven innovation. Additionally, local Aarhus innovators share their stories and experiences.

Sunday March 18 will focus on capacity building and end with having a get together in the evening. March 19 will be split between RIS3 reviews and camp parallels and includes a working dinner. The Tuesday is entirely devoted to camp parallels and ends with a dinner, while March 21st wraps up the camp parallels discussion and ends the camp with a visit to an Innovation site.

The Innovation Camp is run by Smart-Up BSR and if you want any more information or have any enquiries please contact Taina Tukiainen (taina.tukiainen@aalto.fi).