Research and test organizations in the Baltic Sea Region agreed on cooperation aiming to share test and demonstration infrastructures

date 18.09.2018

BSR STARS S3 project has aimed to encourage cooperation between test and demonstration infrastructures in the Baltic Sea Region. Initially the project mapped existing infrastructures available to SMEs in Bioeconomy and Digital Economy. Representatives from a number of research and test organisations (RTOs) concluded that there exist a number of opportunities for benefitting more from complementarities in test excellence among the RTOs. It was agreed to pilot a BSR Innovation Voucher schemes whereby SMEs could seek financial support to undertake tests in a neighbouring country that was not available to them in their home country.

On 6 September 2018, representatives from e.g. Danish Technological Institute, RISE Sweden, VTT Finland and SINTEF (Norway) met in Copenhagen to identify key challenges and opportunities for sharing testbed infrastructures.

The next steps are to initiate bilateral dialog with the RTOs that are ready to participate in the voucher pilot and to publish within the BSR Stars S3 project an open tender, where they can apply for funding.

On the issue of establishing a Nordic Network of RTO’s, the participants agreed, that GTS in Denmark should lead the process in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Innovation.