Policy Brief on Industrial Symbiosis analyses 3 successful cases in the Baltic Sea Region

date 20.02.2019


Industrial symbiosis (IS) is vitally important in facilitating the move towards a circular economy by helping industries and businesses cooperate in the exchange of natural resources, side streams and production infrastructures. Strong public and private sector leadership and firm links between industry and research institutes are essential for the formulation of effective IS initiatives. 


Nordregio together with the Baltic Institute of Finland and Nordic Council of Ministers studied selected IS cases in Finland, Sweden and Norway and analysed the success factors behind them. Based on the case study and activities in the BSR Stars S3 project, the policy brief outlines practical guidelines for public authorities and business sector on how to develop and implement IS ecosystems. 


The policy brief is available at the following link:

Industrial Symbiosis in the Baltic Sea Region: Current Practices and Guidelines for New Initiatives