Policy Brief: Developing and Managing Innovation Ecosystems in the Circular Economy

date 27.08.2018

In 2017 the Council of Tampere Region started the creation of a concept of circular economy ecosystem tool, development of the prototype and piloting of the tool. The tool is expected to offer real-time analysis and visualizations of circular economy and its actors. The development process has been a part of the BSR Stars S3 project.

The aim of the process was to develop a tool, combining ecosystem thinking with the circular economy. The ecosystem thinking is gaining ground in innovation policy, as new ideas are refined into products and services increasingly often through interaction between multiple actors. The piloting of the ecosystem tool, developed with Finnish software company Dexmen, started in June 2018.

The objectives of the development process were ambitious and driven by the vision of getting beyond the traditional statistics and information sources as well as the dream of enriching the information management processes with modern tools and resources. New information has been explored, for example, by utilizing the material provided in the circular economy actors’ web pages and different registers. One key element of the process has been creating an algorithm based on circular economy related keywords in order to recognize potential circular economy actors.

This policy brief examines the new digital monitoring tool developed to compile relevant data on ongoing circular economy initiatives and actions, it outlines the main aims and features of the digital monitoring tool and makes recommendations for how to support the development and management of effective innovation ecosystems within any economic field.

The policy brief is available at the following link: