BSR Stars S3 has been successful in engaging research and business into smart specialization

date 01.10.2018

BSR Stars S3 project enhances smart specialization (S3) within bio-, circular and digital economy in the BSR and by testing methods and tools that enable cooperation between companies, researchers and public sector. The project aims to form recommendations on inter-regional S3 implementation in the BSR.

Regional matchmaking events to enable new cooperation between research and business were organised in Tampere and Vilnius. For example “Waste to Valuables” circular economy matchmaking event had 150 participants in Tampere. An international matchmaking and business coaching event “Business from Bioeconomy” event will be organised on 4-5 December 2018 in Karlstad, Sweden. Transnational innovation coaching has so far been provided by business coaches from Sweden and Denmark for more than 30 Lithuanian companies. Companies gained individual recommendations for their development and internationalization.

Nordic Council of Ministers made mappings and organized a workshop on bio- and circular economy and digital R&D facilities in the partner countries. A report “The Baltic Sea Region: A Global Digital Test Hub” was published in September 2017. S3 Accelerator Camp was organized in Vilnius in 2017 for the partner regions to develop solutions to bio- and circular economy challenges in transnational teams.

Tampere region has elaborated a prototype of a real-time innovation ecosystem visualization tool that is being piloted in the field of circular economy. The ecosystem tool consists of online software that compiles relevant data on circular economy ecosystems. It converts data into a user-friendly form that visualizes key actors within the ecosystem and how they interlink. The tool creates the basic information needed to build up an overview of the local circular economy and is constantly updated with real-time data. The ecosystem tool is a step towards creating real-time digital monitoring tools for innovation ecosystem management.

Study visits on industrial symbiosis were organised to Kalundborg and Helsingborg in May 2017, Kemi-Rovaniemi in June 2018 and on forest-based bioeconomy to Värmland in November 2017. Each study tour attracted about 30 bio-, circular economy and regional development experts from BSR countries.  BSR Stars S3 project has produced policy briefs “Inclusive Digitalization in the Baltic Sea Region” and “Building effective transnational partnerships”. Third Policy Brief on real-time innovation ecosystem management tool and experiences on utilising open data for innovation ecosystem management was published in autumn 2018. Policy briefs aim at facilitating policy dialogue and coordination between different levels of innovation policy making.

Text by Johanna Leino, Development Director, the Baltic Institute of Finland